Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Allium oreophilum - ceapa decorativa

Allium oreophilum, grows 2 to 8 inches tall and blooms in dainty heads of pinkish purple flowers. Blooms in June. Allium is a bulbous plant with linear leaves and blooms in flowers with umbels on the top of a sturdy stem. Several of the species have foliage which is unpleasant smelling. They will not release their smell unless they are walked on.

Size:Height: 0.17 ft. to 0.67 ft.
Width: 0 ft. to 0 ft.  
Plant Category:annuals and biennials, bulbous plants, ground covers, landscape, perennials,  
Plant Characteristics:columnar, dwarf, edible flowers, low maintenance, seed start, spreading,  
Foliage Characteristics:fragrant, medium leaves,  
Foliage Color:green,  
Flower Characteristics:erect, horizontal, long lasting, showy, unusual,  
Flower Color:pinks, purples,  
Tolerances:deer, rabbits,  

Bloomtime Range:Early Summer to Early Summer  
USDA Hardiness Zone:4 to 9  
AHS Heat Zone:Not defined for this plant  
Light Range:Part Shade to Part Sun  
pH Range:6.5 to 7.5  
Soil Range:Sandy Loam to Loam  
Water Range:Normal to Moist

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