Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What is mulching?

I've just started gardening this year - and I must confess: I'm completely blind in this area, so I need a lot of coaching/training/education about what to do and how to do in order to get the perfect looking garden.

Here is my first big question mark: what is mulching?

So, organic mulch can described as: shredded leaves, dried grass clippings, cocoa shells, buckwheat hulls, shredded bark or wood chips, and finished compost.

These guys here have a complete guide on mulching. Here are the mulch types they describe:
  • shredded bark
  • leaves
  • grass clippings
  • straw
  • compost
  • pine needles
  • pine bark nuggets
  • wood chips
  • cocoa hull mulch
  • gravel or river rock.
I just realized that I've bought some foil that could do just fine for mulching (at least for my hedge) - but did not use it, as I could not see its utility. Now it looks like it could be the solution to all the weeds that have grown around...

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